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Chuck (or Chuckie or Charlie) is a musical composer and arranger, recording artist, sound engineer and actor. He grew up thinking that singing before, during and after meals was something that all families did. Pop, his father Clint, was a country - western, and bluegrass picker while his mother, Mary was a pop jazz singer. Chuck began singing in children’s choirs at age 8 which coincided with his first acting appearance on stage. He formed his first band in Wilton, Connecticut when he was twelve and accompanied his sister Suzie doing folk music.


Chuck became serious in theatre while in high school and college when his family moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area. He managed to cultivate a real love for the theatre while continuing his musical training.

But it has been music that has always been the focal point of Chuck’s life. A music major in college, studying opera for five years under the tutelage of Virginia Blair, and Music/Recording Industry at S.F. State gave Chuck a solid knowledge he craved.


Realizing that he was not cut out for opera, Chuck opted for something else. He made the road his home for the next eight years traveling mainly west of the Mississippi with three bands. Tiring of the constant travel, he and two lifelong friends, songwriters Bill Jason and Jim Thompson, formed Avenue performing in the San Francisco area with percussionist Tim Taylor.


Chill Studio became Chuck's lifelong dream of having a recording studio in 1989. With longtime friends Bill Jason and Jim Thompson, the three composed and recorded for ten years as well as archiving the many hours of recordings from their years of playing music together.

In 2000, Chuck embarked on writing and composing a musical. The completion of this musical, "Friends Till the End", took seven years.  Another musical is in the works. During this period, Chill Records was born. Chuck has recorded, archived, and/or produced 29 albums and he has performed on numerous other recording projects as a studio musician. 


The last decade has brought more challenges for Chuck.  He sang with the John Muir Chorus for 9 years. Started performing with a folk/jazz trio called SideStreet with Sue Kiel and Sydney Stull. And maybe his most rewarding event was performing in a stage musical with his three eldest grandchildren, Abby, Eli and Chris.


Chuck is presently Technical Director with Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble homed in Brentwood, California


Bands: (not a complete list)

Connecticut 1966

  • The Subteranean 5


California 1967-1975

  • Wildlife Refuge

  • Roadapple

  • Appaloosa

  • Lyndale Special


Minnesota 1975-1978

  • Possum Road

  • Sutter’s Mill

  • Foxfire


California 1979-2021

  • Grace Band

  • Rhythm on the Range

  • Avenue

  • Cruise Control (West Coast)

  • Sourdough Boys

  • SideStreet


Discography: (archived at Chill Studio)

  • Brigadoon 1968

  • Acalanes District Honor Choir 1969

  • Short Bloom 1971 - Wildlife Refuge

  • Appaloosa 1973 - Appaloosa

  • Holiday Inn 1974 - Lyndale Special

  • The Mystic Possum 1975 - Possum Road

  • KBSB Radio Presents 1975 - Possum Road

  • Sutter’s Mill 1976 - Sutter’s Mill

  • Live at the Bronco 1977 - Foxfire

  • Young Life 1983 - Grace Band

  • The Myth 1985 - Avenue

  • Party in the Moonlight 1987 - Avenue

  • Oddities 1988 - Chuck Phalen

  • From the Vaults 1990 - Avenue


Discography: (Chill Records produced)

  • Chuck Phalen 2000 - Chuck Phalen

  • Friends Till the End 2007 - Chill Studio Singers

  • A Very Merry Christmas Charles 2008 - Chuck Phalen

  • Making It Up As I Go Along 2010 - Isahrai Azaria with Charlie Phalen

  • In The Beginning There Was Music: Songs of My Father 2010 - Chuck Phalen

  • var Winter and Spring Concerts 2012-2017 - John Muir Chorus, Sandra Peter Director

  • It’s A Chill Christmas 2012- Chuck Phalen w/ the Chill Studio Singers & Orchestra

  • Just Dreaming’ 2015 - Chuck Phalen

  • Carols For a Yuletide 2016 - Sydney Stull & Chuck Phalen

  • CD Release Party at the Berkeley Arthouse & Cultural Center 2017 - Josh Harris, Bill Jason, Jim Thompson, Lloyd Ferris, Chuck Phalen, Sydney Stull, Sue Kiel

  • Appaloosa 43 Year Reunion Show at the Berkeley Arthouse & Cultural Center 2017 - Appaloosa

  • Adrienne 2017 - Adrienne Tann Stark

  • All On a Winter’s Night 2018 - Sydney Stull & Chuck Phalen w/ Sue Kiel

  • Back On The Street Again 2021 - SideStreet (Sydney Stull, Chuck Phalen, Sue Kiel


Acting Credits:

  • The Troll - The Three Billy Goats Gruff

  • Joseph - Follow That Star

  • Freddy Eynsford Hill - Pygmalion

  • John Mayhew - Witness for the Prosecution

  • Morgan Evans - The Corn is Green

  • Haemon - Antigone

  • Cleant - The Miser

  • Charlie Dalrymple - Brigadoon

  • Curly - Oklahoma

  • Sky Masterson - Guys and Dolls

  • IF (Improvisational Family) under the direction of Doug Dildine.

  • Greylag/Turkey - HONK!

  • Stubby Nuggets - Misdeeds at Mistletoe Mine

  • Juror #9 - 12 Angry Jurors

  • Prof. Bartlett - 39 Steps

  • Arvide - Guys and Dolls

  • Michel - Murder on the Orient Express


Directing Credits

  • The Lady and the Lawyer

  • The Drowsy Chaperone


Sound Engineer:

  • Live sound for bands

  • Chill Studio

  • The Dixie Swim Club - Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble production

  • Company - Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble, Pittsburg Community Theatre, Pinole Community Players combine production

  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged - Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble & Pittsburg Theatre Company

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