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Chill Records Present

Chill Records Presents

Minnesota Wave

Pictured are Jim Thompson, Bill Jason, Lloyd Ferris and Chuck Phalen. The four of them  started playing together in high school. Lloyd, a singer songwriter, left to do his own solo career a few years after high school. The other three toured extensively on the West Coast and the Upper Midwest. "The Three Beans" as they were affectionately called were based out of the San Francisco Bay Area when touring the West Coast and based out of Minneapolis when touring the upper Midwest. There are many tales to be told but only these songs are what you will hear. The first set of songs are a combination of the Basement Tapes and various live recordings done in the 1970s. The second set of songs were recorded in the 1980s. They played under different band names making music. Possum Road included Rick Dingwal, Mike Juen and Paul Jones. Sutter's Mill included Paul Jones and Tom Graham. Foxfire included Paul Jones, Keven Thomas, and Tom Graham missing Bill Jason. Their longest lived incarnation was Avenue which started in the 1980s with percussionist Tim Taylor and the Sheppie Brothers Mark and Ed. Much more music has come out from the trio individually as well as together. More will be coming.

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