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Sue Kiel, Sydney Stull, and Chuck Phalen

During a break in a two set John Muir Chorus performance in 2014 the trio who later became known as SideStreet performed together for the first time. Performing Tango Tonight and Fields of Athenry we discovered that the audience appreciated our pretty blend. Over the next few years we did sporadic appearances as openers for other groups and participated in a few open mics. Plus, we all participated in recording the last three Chill Records releases. The three of us had other commitments during the next four years so we were happy just getting time together making music and singing whenever we could. When 2019 came along we felt compelled to make a demo of our music and look for paying gigs, weddings, wineries, bar mitzvahs, wherever. We thought wineries would be most fun. Well, 2020 and COVID hit. I’ll say no more. But we had some songs recorded and we were still getting together to sing, so…


Here are some of those songs. Originally the only instruments used were guitars and a ukulele with an occasional piano and bass. And of course we had to have a couple A Cappella pieces. Post recording added some other instruments sometimes being a bit silly. Four tunes were done live and we left them that way.


The reason we are releasing these is that SideStreet will not have the opportunity to perform as Sue is moving to New York State. Since we were not able to perform in public last year we still wanted to share a part of us with you.

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