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About Me:  Singing has always been an important part of my life.  My mother played the piano and taught me and my two sisters traditional American, Scottish, and Irish ballads, as well as spirituals from an early age.  Some of my most precious memories are of my family gathered around the piano, singing.  

This fall, with the help and encouragement of Chuck Phalen, a life-long friend and accomplished musician, I recorded a few of my favorite Celtic ballads, something that we had talked about for years (decades he says).  It was an exciting, joyful, and humbling experience.  With heartfelt gratitude, I dedicate this cd to Chuck.  Thank you, my dear friend, for your love, support, and patience in making this possible.  It was such fun, and I will never forget our time together in Chill Studio!

The Songs:

Ned of the Hill ~  The version of “Ned of the Hill” that I recorded is a beautiful lyric ballad of romance and the triumph of “true love.”  This Ned is a charismatic wandering minstrel, standing at the window of a noble young woman, entreating her to elope and marry him.

Raglan Road ~ Traditional. Lyrics from an 18th century poem  

Siuil a Ruin ~ A young woman laments her lover who has been pressed into service as soldier for the British army in its war against France. “Siuil a ruin” means “Go, my love.” 

Who Knows Where the Time Goes ~ by Sandy Denny (1967) – contemporary Celtic, and so timeless (get it?).  

Mo Ghille Mear ~ This is an interesting mingling of the English Jacobean song “Over the Hills and Far Away” (1800s) and the chorus of the beloved Irish Jacobean song “Mo Ghille Mear.”  Both songs were rallying cries to those who supported Scotland’s House of Stuart’s claim to the British throne.

Photograph of Adrienne by C. Curtis Corlew

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